Your Birthday Week

                Welcome to   You are probably asking yourself, “What is this Birthday Week Thing?”   Well, that is a great question.   Birthday Week was an idea I had my third year of marriage.   The year was 1998 and my thirty-seventh birthday was quickly approaching.   I wanted this birthday to be different.   I wanted it to be more of a celebration.   I wanted more than just one day.   Aren’t we all worth more than one day?  Yes!  So, I invented BIRTHDAY WEEK. 

                Birthday Week is a seven day celebration, which begins seven days before your actual birthday.  I took this concept from the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.  During Hanukkah there are eight days of celebration for the rededication of the Holy Temple, known as the Fantasy of Lights.  Now, I’m not Jewish, but I do like the idea of several days of celebration.   Using this as my foundation I developed my idea even further.  Yes, there are rules and regulations to Birthday Week.

                First, there must be a card and a gift for each of the seven days.   Cards and gifts do not have to be extravagant.  But they should be something that the birthday boy or girl would want.  Cards can be self-made, dollar store or discount store purchased.  No need for a $5.00 card every day.   Some items that I received over the years are as follows; socks, t-shirts, underwear, golf shirts, pants/shorts, candy, and so on.  Also, my wife and both of our children celebrate Birthday Week too.  What they have received is similar to my gifts with the addition of items such as jewelry, makeup, video games, movie passes, and other clothing items. 

                Second, when presented with your daily card and gift, all members of the family should be present.  This adds joy and cheer to the celebration.  We try to open our gift in the morning before school and/or work.  You and your family should try to pick a time when all members can be present.  Remember, Birthday Week is not just one day of celebration, but seven days of celebration, because you are worth more than one day.  The presenting of the card and gift is repeated each of the remaining six days.

                Now this next part is optional, but my family does this every year.  We decorate the kitchen/dining area for the week.  This helps everyone get into the Birthday Week celebration mood.  We also display our cards and gift during the week for all to see and this adds to the look, feel, and overall decorations for the Birthday Week celebration.

                Finally, on your actual birthday you will receive your seventh and final gift and have the option of picking out the restaurant of your choice for dinner.  Hopefully during the week you have received cards, gift, and well wishes from others.  We just add those items to the daily card and gift opening activities.  Birthday Week has been a very successful part of our family since its conception some 13 years ago, even though it took my wife and kids about three years to ask if they could enjoy Birthday Week on their birthday.

        Celebrate Your Birthday for a Week. 
       Aren't you worth more than 1 day?

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