Celebrate Birthday Week

Birthday Week was just an idea in September of 1998 by Dudley                                               

                Although Birthday Week has been celebrated in the our household for over 13 years, only a small group of people have heard about or understand how Birthday Week works.  But on September 25, 2011, four days after my 50th birthday, all that changed.  Something that should have happened long ago finally did.  was created.   The purpose of this website is to explain the Birthday Week concept and the need, purpose, and reasons for celebrating One’s Birthday Week instead of just celebrating One’s birthday.

                 Please spend a little time on the web site to learn about Birthday Week and what has to offer.  Birthday Week was created with seven major points in mind.  First, Seven days, not just one.  Second, Seven days of Celebration.  Third, Seven days of Joy.  Fourth, Seven days of Cheer.  Fifth, Seven days of Cards.  Sixth, Seven days of Gifts.  And finally, the seventh point, Seven days All about You!  Does all this seem too self-centered?  Maybe?  Maybe not!  But aren’t you worth more than one day?  Sure you are!  Plus, once you experience a Birthday Week celebration, you, too, will want to help others celebrate Birthday Week. 

                Tell everyone about Birthday Week and

  Birthday Week Song

                Birthday Week, Birthday Week, Does Everybody Know That It’s Birthday Week?

                Give Me a Present for Each of those Days, Showing Me I’m Special Day After Day

                Birthday Week, Birthday Week, Now Everyone Knows That It’s Birthday Week

                Thank You For Being Part of My Treat, Making It A Very Special Birthday Week

  To make Birthday Week a success, here are a few pointers:

   1.            The birthday boy or girl needs to notify everyone about their approaching birthday (at least 3 weeks prior)

   2.            The birthday boy or girl should also supply a gift list of their most wanted items (really helps Dads)

   3.            The birthday boy or girl should be happy about any and all gifts they receive (be thankful)

   4.            Everyone in the family should participate in and receive a full Birthday Week celebration (Young & Old)

   5.            Buy cards and gifts early.  Wrap and/or bag all items prior to the start of Birthday Week (Don’t Procrastinate)

   6.            Be a gracious, joyful, and happy receiver and giver of Birthday Week (Smile and Be Happy)

   7.            Tell others about Birthday Week and the website; (Thanks!!)


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